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Trade Show Booth Video

It's a stroke of marketing genius! Take advantage of our tradeshow booth videos and "kill two birds with one stone." You've built an excellent booth and spent the time, effort, and money to exhibit… why not capture it on video and use it to promote your company long after the show is over! Our professional packages are an invaluable tool to have when it comes to marketing your business.

Package 'A'
Trade Show Company or "Booth" Profile

The Booth Profile is a professionally produced company/product video that promotes your company as a whole and emphasizes the products and/or services represented in your tradeshow booth. The completed package runs from 3-5 minutes in length and is perfect to be displayed… Live in your booth at current or future shows, on your business website, Facebook, YouTube, DVD, etc. (Host Add-On Shown Below)

The Package Entails:

  • -- Consultation with our producers to prepare you for your video shoot
  • -- Recorded interview with client
    • -- Discussing entire booth or any products/services you’d like to cover.
    • -- Cover details about company and their participation in the show
    • -- Overall benefits of doing business with your company
  • -- Extensive camera coverage of your product and booth.
  • -- Music/text and professional editing to enhance your video package.

Price – $2200

Package 'B'
Product Showcase Video

The product showcase video allows you to present 2-3 products and/or services that you have on display in your booth. We produce the video for you by giving you an outline to work from and providing the opportunity for you to sell your product to the camera. Once recorded, we take the footage and edit it to perfection. Essentially you sell your products to the camera just as you would to a booth full of attendees at the tradeshow. Once the video is edited, you can reach a larger audience by having a captured representation of your tradeshow booth on video. Video length is 2-4 minutes.

Your video package can be presented:

  • -- Live in your booth at current or future shows
  • -- On your business website
  • -- Facebook, YouTube, DVD, etc.

Price –$1700

Package 'C'
The 2-Minute "Pitch" Video

In this video, the Exhibitor gets to select 1-2 products and present them in 2 minutes or less. This is a video recorded sales pitch for any product displayed in the Exhibitors Booth. This video can also be used to show or display a tutorial on how a product works. Our production team will also shoot additional detailed footage of the product(s) to incorporate into the presentation. This will enhance the video and help the Exhibitor illustrate the product.

Your video package can be presented:

  1. -- Live in your booth at current or future shows
  2. -- On your business website
  3. -- Facebook, YouTube, DVD, etc.

Price –$1200

Build Your Own Package

You now have the ability to utilize our ADD-ONS feature and take your booth video to the next level. You can build on to your package and make the most of your experience with us.

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