Joe Guy


For the past 8 years he's run his own successful business; developed, enhanced, and maintained another, and is currently working on two others. With a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems, many would call Joe Guy the very definition of "Jack of all Trades". However anyone who's ever worked with him recognizes the he's the ultimate team leader. From website development & IT Management, to growing to become the COO in over half the companies he's worked for, Joe Guy's experience makes him an asset to ANY individual production or a company as a whole.



Marlon Jones

Executive Producer

Marlon Jones is a filmmaker with a distinct vision. His talent and drive allow him an approach to filmmaking that holds an unprecedented place in the entertainment industry. He's a filmmaker with integrity and an edge! There are many clients who have benefited from having MJ at the helm of their projects. Narrative, Commercials, Docu-style programming, Corporate Media, and more. MJ excels in a variety of genres. This is primarily due to the fact that he's a consummate STORYTELLER. He brings this approach to every project and adapts when necessary. He's also an Emmy Winning Editor and has experience producing videos in the corporate world.



Kacie Velie

Co-Executive Producer

Kacie Velie has many years of experience producing films, commercials, music videos, and the like. Her business savvy, understanding of sales and marketing, along with her experience producing film projects have made her an immeasurable asset to in2productions. Ms. Velie has an uncanny ability to create excellence out of seemingly insurmountable circumstances. She prides herself on being able to satisfy each client and subsequently watching them benefit from her hard work and dedication.




Melissa Yoes

Website Designer

Melissa has been designing and programming web sites since 1999. She has designed and built websites for all types of businesses from small Mom & Pop businesses to world-wide corporations.  She enjoys working with businesses to turn their vision into reality. With a specialty in raw HTML, ASP, PHP and JAVA coding, if you can think it, she can make it happen.








Director MJ













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