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Business Essentials Line

Product Slide
The Product Slide Show presents your products and services in an engaging and straight forward method. It consists of still images of your products, services, or your process with music and text graphics to suite your specific company and style. It’s an effective and inexpensive way to get involved in video marketing and branding.

Price – $699

Welcome Video
The welcome video is an introduction to your company and your services. It features you or a representative of your organization speaking directly to the audience. It’s personal and welcoming, yet informative and educational.  We execute this video by recording a spokesperson on video with a 2-3 minute message to your customers.

Price – $899

Executive Power Line

Featured Product/Service
The “Featured Product/Service package includes an original 30-60 second video produced for your choice of a specific product or service.  This is a quick & clean way to promote any product or service. You will also have access to the video for your company’s website.

Video includes-

  • Video footage of product/service
  • Script and Narration
  • Professional Editing & Graphics (includes your company logo and any other branding elements that you’d like to provide)

Price - $2799



Product Overview Video
The Product Overview Video takes attendees through all the major products and services that your company offers. This will save attendees’ time. It’s for those who don’t want to read pages and pages of a catalog or website literature. It’s also a tremendous resource and a creative way to let people know what you have available.  Now, because this video focuses only on what you offer, it’s very fast paced and engaging so that all of the content can fit into one video. This will no doubt leave the ITS© attendees wanting to know more about your company and it will clearly lay out an overview of the products and services you provide. The video begins with a very brief description of your company and what you do, and then it’s off to the races as we will illustrate your entire catalog in less than 5 minutes.

Video includes-

  1. Video footage of products/services
  2. Minimal on-camera interviews with key company members
  3. Live host option
  4. Script and Narration
  5. Professional Editing & Graphics (includes of your company logo and any other branding elements that you’d like to provide)

Video length – 3 to 5 minutes

Price – $4799


Company Mini-Bio
The company Mini Bio is a 5-7 minute documentary about your business. It covers…

  • who you are and brief history
  • your mission and what you provide
  • Breakdown of products and services
  • benefits of doing business with your company

This video has a variety of uses and can be re-purposed for any need you may have. Aside from running in your booth at ITS, the video can be distributed on DVD to potential clients, new employees, on your company’s website, and so much more. Many people won’t take the time to read a brochure about your company, but they will however be inclined to watch an engaging 5 minute video.  This video can be valuable for up to 10 years after it’s creation.


Price - $7599

Premium Max Line

Sizzel Reel
If you want potential clients and industry peers to not only know what you’re about… but  feel it as well, then you want a SIZZLE REEL. A Sizzle Reel is an eye-catching video showcase that condenses a large collection of information into a thrilling and effective communication piece. A Sizzle Reel is organic and very creative. It sells your product and brands your company with cutting edge visual stimulation. The purpose of it is to engage your audience and get them excited and emotionally connected to your products and services.  Sizzle Reels give your company the “it” factor. A good Sizzle Reel will put your company “on the map” because one of its primary objectives is to engage and entertain! Using high-end graphics, music, and creative professionals, the Sizzle Reel is like having a mini movie, or music video that promotes your company solely.  Sizzle Reel production is one of our most effective marketing too. Its purpose is simply to explain what your company’s about more than what you do.  If you’re a company that thinks “outside the box”, then the Sizzle Reel is for you! It’s a promotional video that emphasizes what you’re about as well as what you can provide for your customers. In our opinion… everyone should have a Sizzle Reel.

-Call for quotes-


Marketing/Sales Video
This is a fully fledged marketing/promotional tool. Look at is as a “mini infomercial/Sizzle Reel” without the stench of sales and cheap products.  This video is both informative and promotional. It’s an extended commercial so to speak. It’s a comprehensive look at your company’s history, methods, products, and effectiveness in the marketplace. Using statistics, testimonials, demonstrations, and much more, in2Productions can take your sales revenue to the next level! In a nutshell, this video will push the benefits of doing business with your company.   It will also educate potential consumers and clients about what you do.  Each Marketing Video is specific to your company.  Its definitely not a “cookie cutter” process.  in2Productions partners with seasoned, skilled, and creative video producers to ensure that your video has its own unique identity. 

Prices TBD
(Typically start at $15,000 and up)



Infomercial production is the production of a commercial television program or commercial segment offering consumer information related to the sponsor's product or service. Simply put, an infomercial is an advertising medium that can:

  • deliver cost-efficient advertising to the largest possible audience
  • increase sales to consumers
  • build brand names
  • introduce new products

Many companies of all sizes use infomercials to advertise their products and services. That's because this advertising format works and people are interested in learning more about a product or service before paying for it. An infomercial provides this opportunity so that potential customers can see how the product works "In person" and this will help them make a decision on whether or not to make a purchase.
Some products can be successfully pitched to the public through the usual 30 second commercials. Others, however, may require a little more explanation or promotion in order to appeal to a niche market. Instead of producing a standard print ad or 30 second spot, you may want use a long format video to thoroughly communicate your message.
Length- can be up to 30 min.
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Corporate Media Introduction

Online video marketing is available through in2Productions. With our Business, Executive, and Premium packages, companies have the option of including video presentations in their website or Trade Show Booth. Currently, online video marketing has become a vital component in sales and business growth. Our focus at in2productions is to ensure that your company has every available tool necessary for success in the marketplace. You can consider us a "one stop shop" for all your Business Media needs.

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